Feel free to email me using the contact form or call me directly at 720-464-6146 to discuss how I can help address the issues you or your loved one may be facing due to Parkinson’s disease.

Exercise Prescription

This is a non-medical exercise coaching combining movement, voice, and cognition and will include a custom exercise video for ongoing practice.  Referrals to local healthcare providers with Parkinson’s expertise will be provided if medical interventions are necessary.

Tech Consult

With more than 20 years of using and researching speech recognition solutions in academic and work environments and development experience on both Amazon Alexa and Google Home, I can design and implement a custom solution for both the workplace and home.

I can also help you get up to speed on a range of other technologies, ranging from wearables and apps of all types to Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Citrix Go To Meeting, and other similar tools.